Use this system to book an appointment with Daniel Alfaro, Coordinator of UC San Diego's Undocumented Student Services

Please select a service to make a booking.

First Time Meeting (current students only)

Select this option if this is the first time meeting with Daniel.

(30 minutes)

Check-in or Follow-up (current students only)

Select this option if you are checking-in or following-up with Daniel.

Note: Although the appointment is booked for 30 minutes, most check-in or follow-up appointments last 15-20 minutes.

(30 minutes)

Prospective or incoming student

Select this option if you are a prospective student or an incoming student.

(30 minutes)

Meeting (for non-undocumented students, faculty, and staff)

Choose this option if the reason for the meeting with Daniel is to discuss volunteering, class projects, partnership opportunities, etc.

(30 minutes)

Gift card pick up (current students only)

Please select this option if you have completed the Undocumented Student Services Needs Assessment and would like to pick up your gift card.

Please note that you will be asked to complete an intake form if you have never completed one or if it has been more than one academic quarter since your last visit. This could result in a 30-minute appointment.

(30 minutes)